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Century Custom Homes - My brother Joel's custom home business in Scottsdale, AZ - Jason's (Bether's brother) Top Ten Lists
Innovative Impact - My dear old friend Karen Purves' business
The Deipnosophist - David Gordon - Mark Cuban's thoughts on investing and sports - Arnold Kling's essays on economics - Ecoomics professor Brad DeLong's website and blog
Paul Krugman - Economist columnist for NY Times
Garrett Meyers - Innovative Photography
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Indigenous Solutions - Landscaping in Tucson
Local Tucson Resources - Newspaper
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    Employers - Top 200 Tucson Employers
Tucson Mom's - Parent Groups
Steve Farley - Steve Farley's views on Tucson
Child Development - Alfie Kohn - Aletha Solter - New Horizons for Learning - Parenting Guide
Country Studies - US Army Research on Countries
CIA World Factbook - Stats on Countries
Skype - Free phone calls over the net
Picasa - Google's free pciture management software
GoDaddy - Best Internet domain name registrar
FreeServers - Free and low cost web page hosting
Doom9 - DVD software tools